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Terms and Conditions

Long-Term Hire for all vehicles: Details on request. Prices include full AA cover, Full Insurance. No mileage charge – A deposit of £750 will be held, or a deposit of £275 if a daily insurance waiver of £7.50 per day is paid.

You will need to be aged between 25 and 69 yrs of age and have clean driving licence please tell us if you have any penalty points we can often get cover with an extra excess deposit for some minor offences. We can refer to our Insurance company if you are over 69.

Unfortunately we cannot get cover for the following:

1. Any DD or DR conviction codes in the last 11 years Any CD – BA – MS Codes in the last 5 years (over 4 points) More than 6 points on a licence in three years.

2. If you have been involved in more than one accident during the preceding three years.

3. Have been required by another insurer to pay an increased premium or bear special terms or conditions or had a proposal declined, Policy cancelled or a renewal refused by an insurer.

4. Suffer from a physical or mental illness where DVLA have not been advised of the complaint.

You will need to have a full UK driving licence and will have been driving for more than 1 year.

We will need to take a copy of the plastic card and we will need your N.I.Number to access DVLA records to check for endorsements.

f you have a foreign licence we can arrange cover with our insurers please call for details. An increased excess will apply for the following please phone us for details Any more than 3 Points (In the last 3 Years) – Insurance Excess/Deposit Doubles. If you have ever been refused insurance or policy cancelled – Excess/Deposit Doubles. If you have any mental/physical defects or infirmities – Excess/Deposit Doubles. If you have made any claims for accidents (in the last 3 years-Regardless of fault) – Excess/Deposit Doubles. If you have had less than 12 Months experience under a full UK licence – Insurance Excess/Deposit Doubles. If you have NOT lived permanently inside the UK or Rep of Ireland in the last 3 Years – Insurance Excess/Deposit Doubles.

Our full daily hire runs from 7.00am to Midnight or half day runs from 7am to 1.30pm or 2pm to Midnight

Extension of Rental Period; Should you wish to extend the hire beyond the agreed period, you must notify the rental office in advance and pay for the additional charges incurred. Failure to pay these charges may result in lapsed Insurance cover, which may render you liable for prosecution.

24hr Breakdown Cover & Roadside Assistance, Road Fund Licence, Fully Comprehensive Insurance. (excess applies)

Additional Drivers can be added at 5.00 per driver. C.D.W can be added at 7.50 per day (lowers Insurance Excess Payment; 25yrs+). Diesel is not included in Rental price. Licence restrictions may apply. E&OE

All our Vehicles are NON SMOKING, and we DO NOT allow ANIMALS to travel at any time. A minimum Valet charge of £100.00 WILL be levied for vehicles returned in an unacceptable condition.

Should a vehicle return with new damage, the deposit will be held until an estimate and repair time schedule has been obtained. If vehicle is unroadworthy it remains on hire and chargeable until repairs are completed. The hirer remains responsible for negligent or wilful damage (e.g. kerbed wheels or tyres, damage to the interior, radio theft, cigarette burns, any damage to mirrors and glass, or the theft or loss of tools / accessories.)

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